World’s famous luxury watches

World’s famous luxury watches

There are many companies which have established themselves as the moguls of the luxury watches. They have offered timeless designer pieces throughout the ages that are not just watches, but hold a great value to them. Let’s check out the world’s most famous luxury watches brands.

Chanel – Chanel has been making designer luxury watches since 1987 and there is a complete line of unisex wristwatches.

Hermes – Hermes produces high quality sophisticated wristwatches with exemplary designs. There are many collections for men and women both. 

Rolex – Rolex is a world famous luxury watches brand that brings forward prestigious, luxurious and excellent time pieces. 

Chopard – This Swiss brand for luxury watches designs and manufactures some of the finest pieces for both men and women. 

Patek Phillipe – Another Swiss luxury wristwatches brand, Patek produces elite timepieces that are beautifully designed and made for performance. 

Breitling – This brand produces some of the meanest technically influenced watches and it has been doing so since 1884. 


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