Running a shop is too much of a task for you, but the desire of owning a business is whelming, then online merchandising is the perfect answer.
You can put up an online store to sell anything of your interest or advantage. Products can be unique or regular but how viable the product is, is of greater importance.

For examples you are famous among your friends for your witty one liner or phrases get them printed on t shirts and make a business out of it. Demand of clothes will always keep rising and your quotes will make it all the more desirable. Once your clothing business is booming you can start with others goods like mugs, cushions, posters, coasters or anything for that matter. With correct publicity and marketing the scope for such a business to flourish is infinite.
If creating stuffs is not your cup of tea then try something unique like Eco-friendly or recycled products. Today we can get products made of elephant poop to a thrown out button. But such products are not easily available in the Indian markets. You can be the pioneer in this field through online marketing.

If even gathering unique things are a lot for you then you can also stick to the traditional wholesale and retailing concept. Find affordable things around the city buy it in bulk and sell them online at retail prices. This is a sure shot way to a successful business. Give it the flavor of street shopping and prices far less than branded products are sure to attract customers.


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