Makeup mistakes that make you look older

Makeup mistakes that make you look older

Most women love makeup, that's a fact. Some of them know how to properly apply it, and yet there are those who simply often make mistakes.

A lot of them put on a makeup because they want to look more beautiful, fresh, and younger, without realizing that they are making mistakes that will make them look older or messy.
Here are some tips you need to know, if you want to look better, younger and attractive.

Dark lipstick - It is pretty popular to wear strong lipstick colors these days, and a lot of women love to use even the blue ones, that will make them look cold. So in case you want to freshen up your face, use brighter color, it can be pink or even red.
Blush and highlighter - Blush and highlighter are very often used, because most of women think it will make them look fresh and attractive.

We are not saying it won't, but you need to choose the ones that do not have too much glow, because it will show off your wrinkles and all those small irregularities on your face. So our advice is - use it, but not the ones with too much glow and tinsels.

The most important thing - messy makeup. A lot of women apply their makeup and go out, without bringing a mirror and something that will help them correct any mistake on their face.
What may happen is that your make up ( for example eyeliner ) will spread all over your face, and you will look like you've been crying or sweating.

So whenever you go out, bring a mirror, and ear scoop or a tissue, and check your makeup as often as you can.


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