Getting ready in 10 minutes

Getting ready in 10 minutes

Are you a working woman with a 9-5 job? If yes, then you’d know how hectic your days can get. The day gets even more hectic when you make plans to hang out with friends or go to a party. An 8-9 hour job tests your makeup’s quality. If it smudges or vanishes, not a very good quality cosmetic. If it doesn’t, well it’s magical and you should hang on to it until it finishes.

Having busy days requires you to get ready really fast as you switch from your work life to your social life. And sometimes, all you can do in such a short duration of time is put on some kajal and lip gloss. So let’s introduce you to some life saving tips:-


Keep mascara handy instead of an eye liner. It’s much easier and takes lesser time to apply. The finished look still highlights your eyes and make them look bigger. Your mascara would even go with a light stroke of kajal and compliment it perfectly.

Lip balm, lipstick and gloss

Apply a little lip balm first, then a very light coat of lipstick and then give it a finishing touch with a shiny gloss. If you have a lip balm that would give a shine to your lips, the gloss won’t be necessary either.

Lipstick does it all

You can also use your lipstick on your cheeks to get a slight blush.


If you don’t have any foundation handy, just apply some sunscreen to get a slightly fairer and smoother skin tone.

These few tips will help you get ready for a social outing in no time. this kind of very light makeup will still stand out and give your face a slight glow instead of you looking tired after the day’s work.


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