You go out shopping and buy lots of designer clothes and footwear but once you wear your designer clothes with a group of people, it’s hard to wear the same clothes again without any variation. Since you can’t exactly change the design of your clothes, you can add variations by accessorizing.

Getting the right combination of accessories always gives you a new look and let’s say if you wear a gorgeous necklace, it’s the first thing that draws people’s attention when they look at your attire.

What constitutes accessories?

Belts, tie, necklaces, earrings etc. are accessories. More and more designs of accessories are released every day. Not to mention, designing accessories has emerged as a whole new profession. If you wear very loud clothes, you should wear small necklaces and lesser number of accessories but if you go for a plain outfit, wearing loud accessories makes it look amazing.

Where to buy them from?

Any store that sells clothes also has a small accessories section complete with necklaces, bracelets, headbands etc. You should buy anything you like from an assortment of these as these accessories would come in handy always. Sometimes when you’re ransacking your wardrobe because you can’t find anything to wear, these will be your lifesavers and will change your look completely.

Why should you buy more accessories less clothes?

It’s easier to recycle an outfit with the right set of hairstyle, makeup and accessories but harder if you have only the outfit and nothing else. Plus, they come at a lower cost than that of a designer outfit. So it’s better to buy a necklace and to be able to wear one outfit twice or better to go buy an outfit every time you want to go out for a party?


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