Which Hairstyle is Correct for You

Which Hairstyle is Correct for You

Great hair is something every girls desires the most. You apply hair oil every weekend, shampoo with such great care and spend half your time worrying about hair fall as soon as you see one broken strand of your hair. Not to mention just how horrifying a bad hair day or a bad haircut can be! So, the next time you go for a haircut, here are a few thing you need to keep in mind. It will save you from having a horrifying experience at the salon.

1) Hair Type

Your hair can be oily or dry or normal. This hair type will have a huge influence on the hair cut that you opt for. If you have very frizzy hair, a blunt cut won’t suit you as it will make your hair puff up in weird ways. So, make sure you mention your hair type to your hairstylist.

2) Face

The way your hair style frames your face is very important too. If you have a small face, you shouldn’t go for hairstyles that will make your hair fluffy. That way, your face will always seem to be hidden by your hair. So, opt for a hairstyle that would make your face stand out. Similarly, if you have a face that looks a little fat, opt for a hair style that would hug your face and make you seem thinner.

3) Length

The length of hair that you want also matters when getting a haircut. If you want to grow your hair long, tell your stylist the same. They would cut your hair accordingly.


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