These hairstyles might age you

These hairstyles might age you

While you are trying to remain youthful by eating healthy and using right products to get rid of wrinkles, your hairstyle might be the main culprit in making you look aged. Yes, wearing the same old hair can add an age to your actual age, greatly effecting how you look. If you want to ensure that you look every bit of a diva, then read the following.

•    Aging usually slows the hair growth process and also your hair start losing the same vibrancy and volume. You must avoid going for blunt hairstyles and instead you should opt for haircuts that add volume and layer to your hairs for example a layered bob. This will not only add a significant amount of layers to your face, but your face will look more youthful. 

•    If you have natural straight hairs, then you must change it to avoid looking bland and old. Since sleek straight hairs are “straight”, all the attention goes to the face. Instead if you opt for natural waves or curls, you will add more flexibility and life to your hairs. 

•    Most women forget that heavy hairs in the bottom can actually make your face look aged because it somehow drags it too down. If you want to create attention, make the top area such as crown heavy. 



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