Shaggy Haircuts for 2015

Shaggy Haircuts for 2015

2015 has seen a new shaggy haircut trend so far and most celebrities have been seen endorsing it pretty easily. It all started when Beyoncé appeared in a raggedly chopped off locks, which, to be honest wasn’t that good looking. But hey, that trend picked up pace when many other famous celebrities started chopping off their mane in the trendy dishevelled hair cut that look great on all kinds of hair type. 

The modern day twist of shag haircuts in 2015 is primarily seen in small, medium and long hairs, whether it is thick, straight or curly. This hairstyle adds a great amount of volume to even the lifeless hairs that need some layers. By asking your stylist to cut your hairs with this stylish twist, you can surely get a great haircut that will turn heads. Moreover, this hairstyle is low-maintenance and you can easily maintain this messy style without investing much in hair products. 

From Beyoncé to Taylor Swift, Chrissy Teigen to Julia Roberts, almost all famous female celebrities are joining the fad of shag hairs! If you want a makeover, then go ahead and chop off your hairs into a messy hairstyle this season!


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