Popular, long hairstyles in 2015

Popular, long hairstyles in 2015

Hair is extremely important for women. It has to always be perfect, so women are spending too much time as their hairdresser. For me, long hairstyles are the most beautiful, so I will write about them. This can be considered as fashion, so it is changing often. Here are some hairstyles that are already popular.

One of the most popular styles is the ‘’Sensual Look’’. It offers beautiful caramel tone with a bit of cinnamon hair color. Long hair and some minor layers at the ends are used to balance and soften volume in the style. The cut and color are basic, but very beautiful. The look is sensual, seductive and soft. It can be used for a special occasion or when you want to look nice. It is cheap and doesn’t require too much time at the hair salon.

The next popular hairstyle is ‘’ Sleek Razor-Cut Hair’’. If you have blonde hair, this style is for you. It is from the Paris Fatal collection and it is magnificent! The hair is straight, sleek and smooth. It has a soft cutting that graduates from the chin to the mid-back (here it is longest point). The ends of the hair are softened and lie along the skin.

The third popular hair style is ‘’ Amazing Braid’’. This style was popular in 2009/2010 winter collection, but now it is back. Very long braid flows across your forehead, forming the edge of the top layer. This creation requires skill! The end result is fantastic, and everyone will ask you how you did it!


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