Layage - the new trend for 2016

Layage - the new trend for 2016

Layage is one of the best hair colour trends for 2016. You could describe Layage as a controlled type of free-hand painting technique. In order to apply layage colour, the stylist will apply the colour using her hands to give a natural and soft colour to your hair with soft variations. According to the fashion experts, layage is the hottest new trend in hair colour for 2016 that will be in fashion throughout the year and longer.

It allows you to highlight a particular area of your head easily. You can also say that layage is a low-maintenance hair colour, so you don’t need to do any root touch-ups or worry about growing out your natural colour.

Your hairdresser with divide your hair and pin the portion you want left uncoloured out of the way. The hair to be coloured is fanned out on a plastic sheet or shelf behind your head while you rest your head and neck on a comfortable headrest or cushion. In order to get the best results, you should always avoid applying colour to the top layer of hair.

Many younger women are choosing vibrant colours or colours that are in contrast to their natural hair colour. But if you want subtle streaks and variations, you should choose a colour that is a few shades different from your natural hair colour.  




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