Hilary Duff Changes Her Hair Color To Blue

Hilary Duff Changes Her Hair Color To Blue

On Wednesday, the beautiful and wonderful Hillary Duff surprised many of her fans by showcasing her new hairdo.

The 27-year old starlet, who was previously blonde debuted a bright blue hairdo on her Instagram account.
According to several reports, Hillary Duff had her hair turned blue at the all famous celebrity frequented hair salon which goes by the name Nine Zero One Salon which is located in West Hollywood on Tuesday night.

In the photo that she shared with her fans on Wednesday, Duff went on to thank Amber Maynard, a colorist at Nine Zero One Salon, who was responsible for coloring her hair as well as taking Duff’s locks to a whole new color spectrum that she had never think of.

Just like Hillary Duff, Maynard also took to her Instagram account to share a palette of rainbow tones. She captioned one of the turquoises that she shared with her fans on Tuesday, which we must say looked similar to Duff’s hair color, “Washed Up Mermaid.”

This is not the first time that Hillary Duff has decided to do something different with her hair, back in May 2014, Duff surprised many when she chopped her long locks into a sleek edgy lob, in addition to that, Duff has been known to with different looks when it comes to makeup.

“I love that you can just take on a different role,” Hillary Duff told People Magazine’s Style Watch about her new hair color. “You can just put something on and all of a sudden you’ve morphed into something different. It brings out a tone in your personality and you get to play with that.”


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