Color trends you will see this spring

Color trends you will see this spring

Spring is coming! This means happier weather, colorful nature and a lot of sun. You should follow the changes! The best way to do this is to change your hair color. Make it look like part of a spring! If you want to know, what hair styles will be popular this spring, we asked several experts, so according to them, only several hair styles will be a right choice.

Babylight style is the best choice. Some magazines wrote a several months ago, that this hair style will be very popular. Instead of lightening of chunks, your colorist should lighten a single strands! This will lift your hue, but won’t create obvious streaks. This is the best way for women who have natural, a blond hair color, like Gwyneth Paltrow.

If you are brunette, and you think that highlights are off-limit for you, you are wrong. Highlights in your hair, will look great and you will get that gorgeous lift. Look at Jessica Biel, she used a balayage effect to wave face brightening pops into dark hair in the bottom section. Her hair looks great. If you don’t think so, ask her husband, Justin Timberlake!

If you are a woman that doesn’t like stripey looks, it is ok, you can still have a single note hair color and look great. This style is popular in 2015, and there are some indications that it will be popular in the future! The good side of this hair style, is that you will stand out from the sea of highlights! Strong, deep red, will make you look like Emma Stone, and it is a good thing!


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