Amazing wedding hairstyles for long hair

Amazing wedding hairstyles for long hair

Wedding is the most important day in your life. This means that you must pay attention to every detail. Simply said, everything must be perfect. This applies to your hair as well. For many brides, the hairstyle is the most important thing for the wedding. You should know that all wedding hairstyles are expensive and they need a lot of time to be styled. On the other side, all of them are amazing. Here are some examples.

Side part with lightly tousled curls is elegant and simple. If you want to style it, you will have to follow these steps.
1.    A professional hair color is mandatory. If you want, you can add colored hair extensions. 
2.    Your hair must be parted on just one side. 
3.    Apply a flat iron on your hair that is located on both sides. Use a 450 degree flat iron. Remember to apply a heat protector spray or cream before doing this.
4.    The ends of the fringe should be inwards.
5.    Apply a hairspray and you are done.
This hairstyle looks amazing on women with heart, diamond, round and oval face shape.
Sexy and messy tossed curls is another wedding hairstyle you can have. You will have to follow these steps.
1.    Use large rollers on your damp hair.
2.    Wait for your hair to get dry under a hooded dryer (40-60 minutes). 
3.    Now, you can remove your rollers.
4.    Use your fingers to separate your new curls.
5.    Apply a hairspray and you are done.
The recommended product is Hairspray by Soft Sheen Carson Professional. This hairstyle is the best for women with oval, diamond, heart and round face shape. 



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