3 ways to style short hairs

3 ways to style short hairs

If you have short hairs and don’t really know how to pull up a strong hair game, then follow these simple hairstyles that can help you manage them easily.

Easy Beach Hairs
Whether you have short bob or a pixie cut, you can easily manage those beach waves. Simply put 1 tsp. of salt in a spray water bottle, spritz all over your hairs and let them dry.

Tease your front partition
Sometimes small hairs can be tough to carry, but if you tease a small section from the front partition, smoothen it out and secure with a pin, then it all makes sense.

Short Side braid
If you have small bangs or front layers that you want to put out of your face, simply braid them and tuck in with a pin. Keep the rest of the hairs loose. Alternately you can use a bling hair accessory. 


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