What is Glamorous?

What is Glamorous?

Being eloquently glamorous is not everybody’s cup of tea, but in an effort to do so going wrong is always a possibility. Thus here are few things you should absolutely avoid as they do not make you look gorgeous.

Over doing your make up with lots of foundation and rouge is a strict violation. You have to be careful about the shade of foundation and blush on, and buy it only after consulting a beautician with respect to your skin tone. It’s very easy to go overboard so you should know where to draw the line. Considering the time of day for appropriate make up is a useful tip.

Over accessorizing can do the same harm to your glamorous look. You have to intelligently choose your earrings, necklace, bangles and bags and even know when to skip them.

Do not match everything from head to toe and get pushed towards looking like a monochrome color palette. It is very important to contrast your accessory, shoes and bags to your outfit.

An overstuffed bag is a total spoiler. It not only plunders the shape of your bag but also gets you across as an unkempt person.

Wearing shoes that don’t fit you is not only unacceptable for your look but for your persona and health. Avoid the same under all circumstances.

A snobbish attitude will take you nowhere, even if you are looking drop dead gorgeous. To complete an utterly glamorous look you have to team it up with humility, confidence and politeness. Being ignorant about your beauty help you create the niche for yourself.

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