What do you need to know about hair extensions?

What do you need to know about hair extensions?

Using hair extensions to give a new look is a latest trend in the fashion industry. The girls are very passionate about their looks, makeovers, and especially their hair. There are many companies online that sell hair extensions, both human and synthetic.  

There are clip-in or weft hair extensions made from synthetic or human hair. Synthetic hair is the least expensive. Some of the best choices of human hair are: Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, and Malaysian. The styles to choose from are silky straight, curly, loose curly, afro, deep wavy, wavy and many others. The hair comes in varying lengths, from 6 inches to 22 inches.

There are also different ways the hair is arranged, such as pre-bonded, fusion, clip-in, micro-loop, tape-in, which are hidden within your own hair.

The colors that are available are almost unimaginable: deep, glossy black, all shades of auburn and brunette, reds, golds, all shades of blonde, grey, and streaked. It is important to choose a color that will blend in with your natural hair color.

Another choice is the fusion extensions, either human or synthetic. Each extension is treated at one end with a special glue or wax. You cannot really do an acceptable job on your own. You should either ask a friend or have it done by a professional. Fusion extensions are long-lasting but more expensive than clip-ins. Heat is used to fuse the extension to your own natural hair.


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