People with green eyes

People with green eyes

People often say that your eyes can reveal a lot about you and that they present the windows to our soul.
We definitely agree with that, but there is something unusual about green eyes. Maybe because they are so rare, which means we cannot see them often. But also there is something about that color and the way (people who have green eyes) they look at you.

Some scientists have even said that people with green eyes have an unusual impact on our lives, because of their specific personality.
There are some characteristic that define people with this eye color and one of them is looking devious.

If you have green eyes, don’t get offended, because we are not saying this to hurt anyone, but sometimes people with these eyes tend to look little bit devious and dangerous.
They usually look attractive and sometimes it looks like they will use their attitude and appearance to manipulate someone.
On the other hand people with green eyes often look mysterious. It’s like they will never reveal themselves completely and it seems like they are hiding something from you. If you think about it, a lot of supernatural characters from different movies had green eyes.

They present the power and when you look at them, you know that you cannot mess with them.
What we have noticed is that they have tendency to look jealous. It’s like they are obsessed with people they love, especially with their partner. Some people with green eyes are famous for their passive aggression.

Also when you look at them, it seems like they are very emotional and vulnerable, but it’s like they will never show it, because they want to look strong on the outside. 



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