Lipstick for Different Skin Tones

Lipstick for Different Skin Tones

The best part about being a girl is vibrancy. You get to dress up in any color of your liking and bright colors always look good on girls while poor boys have wardrobes restricted to just a few colors. Another such perk of being a girl is that you can color code your dresses and makeup too. Color your lips pink, red or orange and you end up looking amazing still. This article’s purpose is to tell you which colors would suit you best according to your skin tone.

1) Fair skin

If you have fair skin, you can opt for loud and bright colors like shades of red, red with undertones of different colors, bright orange, peach, light pink and other bright shades of pink. Make sure you wear very light makeup with an equally loud color of lipstick to strike a balance between the two. Loud makeup plus bright lipstick is a bad combination.

2) Slightly dark skin

If you have a slightly darker skin tone, you should go for colors like maroon, dark dull red, purple and shades of brown. Wearing a color like purple or brown is very daring but it’s also makes you look really gorgeous if you can pull it off.

3) Dark skin

Shades of brown, maroon and dark orange are good for you. At times, you can even go for neutral colors or nudes. They would suit your skin tone. You can also wear red but you need to experiment with the color first and wear it only if you’re comfortable in it.


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