Is it good to know the truth from your boyfriend/husband?

Is it good to know the truth from your boyfriend/husband?

The honestly is always appreciated, and it is mandatory for a healthy relationship. But being always honest, can be a wrong decision sometimes!

Women who ask their guy every day, what they have done or where have you been and etc. often just want to know something else. These are just ‘’cover’’ questions. If you ask these questions every day, this will be bad for your relationship, so it is a much better decision not to ask them in first place! Sometimes asking an innocent question, like, what have you done today, can cause problems. If your man answers ‘’I was watching porn’’ this can be problematic and be reason for alarming! Maybe it is much better that he said ‘’I was looking something on the internet’’. Well, there you go, a small lie is sometimes better than the truth. This can be applied to any kind of relationship, and the results are always the same.

Next time when you want to know something from your guy, try to make him tell you that without you actually asking. If you ask him directly, there is a huge problem. Asking the simple question like ‘’what have you done today’’ men can realize like you don’t trust him, and you think something is wrong. And you know that this often means a reason for arguing and relationship problems. At the end, I can say, it is much better to live with a several lies in your life than to live in a 100% truth, because life can be hard!


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