How to achieve the perfect smoky eye look

How to achieve the perfect smoky eye look

Fall is already here, so you want to make sure that your make-up is appropriate for the new season. Besides, there are many events coming and you need to be elegant and glamorous, right? Well, what better way to look chic than a smoky eye look? It will emphasize your features and give you that mysterious look that every woman wants. Here are the basic guidelines that you should follow:

  • Always use a primer under your eyeshadow. The smoky eye look involves many dark eyeshadows and plenty of eyeliner and mascara. To be sure that all this stays in place for the entire night, use a primer on your eyelid.
  • Don’t apply dark colors on the center of your eyelid. This make-up style is dramatic in general, but it’s not supposed to make your eyes look smaller. Use the dark colors on the external corner of your eye and in your crease, and keep your eyelid covered with a light, neutral shade.
  • Use a white pencil on your waterline. This will make the dark colors really stand out, and it will make your eyes look bigger. Besides, your eyes will not look tired even if you did not sleep for many hours.
  • Don’t use sharp lines. Make sure that you blend all the colors, so you will not wake up with a straight line under your brow bone. Also, you can apply a light color (white or beige) right under your eyebrows to give yourself a fresh look.
  • Keep the lips neutral. You have plenty of make-up on your eyes, so a red lipstick might be too much, even for an elegant party. Use a nude lipstick and apply a small amount of lip gloss right in the center of your lips to give them some volume. 

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