Terrorist Attacks in Turkey and Travel Advisories

Terrorist Attacks in Turkey and Travel Advisories

Turkey has been under extreme distress as repeated terrorist attacks wound the nation and its people. There have been bombings in airports, police stations, and community centers. One of the major concerns is that these attacks have been the result of combat with Syria, and Iraq.

With so much woe in so little time, and a heightened level of conflict prominent in the area, travelers are advised to travel with extreme caution. There is expected to be some degree of targeting involved in attacks, mainly against UK citizens. With this concern, travel advisories are loud and in unison; there is an uncomfortable level of danger in Turkey, and these pose sincere concerns for foreigners living and working in Turkey and travelers to that area.

Besides the threat of more bombings across Turkey, there is a major increased risk of kidnapping near the Turkey/Syrian border. The country is in a severe conflict with religious extremism with hundreds reported dead and more to be expected in the conflict with these groups. The safety of Turkey is in the balance. Turkey is strong though, down to its core. In response to the increasing number of attacks, the country has stayed unified in fighting back, until recently. The world watched as the country entered further into a terrible situation as a coup was led by the military against the government. The chaos was recorded live. 

With the strength of unification, Turkey seems very capable and on its way to quelling these concerns, and will hopefully continue. For now, however, it is an ill-advised travel location for foreigners.

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