Karen Perezas body found by Texas EquuSearch

Karen Perezas body found by Texas EquuSearch

The body of South Houston High School student Karen Perez – who went missing on May 27, 2016, was found by EquuSearch on Monday, June 6. Stuffed inside a cabinet under a sink in an abandoned complex in Texas, the body appeared battered and partially nude.

It is evident from the state of her semi-nude body that she had been raped before being murdered. Police have identified the killer as her boyfriend (name of minor unreleased), who is also a 15 year-old freshman at South Houston High School.

Police have also discovered a horrifying video of the heinous act, as captured on the murderer’s cell phone, along with her words begging to be spared. “I don’t want to die” were amongst some of the last words uttered by 15 year-old Karen before her murder.

Reports indicate that Karen was last seen leaving her school to meet her boyfriend at his house. A surveillance camera at a restaurant also revealed Karen and her boyfriend with an unidentified male all of whom had made a stop there. The restaurant is located close to the apartment complex where her murder took place. The apartment complex is considered to be a cool hang-out place for teenagers from Houston.

Karen’s father was the first to report his suspicions of her murder to the police after a strange conversation with her boyfriend. He had reached out to him to know his daughter’s whereabouts. The boyfriend asked the father to stop searching as she wasn’t alive anymore.

Many threatening messages were found on the murderer’s phone to Karen. Threats if she wouldn’t have sex with him she would be in trouble.

The boy has been taken into custody and has been behind bars ever since. He’s been officially charged with murder and his next hearing is set for Thursday.

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