Bobby Brown & His Wife Alicia Etheredge Welcome Baby

Bobby Brown & His Wife Alicia Etheredge Welcome Baby

Bobby Brown, 46, has not had such a good year and it all has to do with her daughter Bobbi Kristina. Bobby Brown has been in and out hospital plenty of times so as to check on the condition of his daughter, but despite all the prayers and well wishes, Bobbi Kristina is yet to show any signs of getting better. That said, Bobby Brown had something to smile about despite all that is going around him thanks to the birth of his new baby with wife Alicia Etheredge. 

The two, 46-year old Bobby Brown and his wife 41-year old Alicia Etheredge, welcomed their second child on July the 11th. The two already have a 5-year old child who goes by the name Cassius Brown. According to reports by Entertainment Tonight, the 41-year old now mother of two Etheredge, gave birth on 11th July, on 10th July, Etheredge was admitted at Cedars-Sinai Hospital that is located in Los Angeles and she later induced the following day. The report also went on further and revealed that the two proud parents are yet to name their baby girl.

All in all, this news is definitely something that Bobby Brown needed given the situation with her other daughter Bobbi Kristina. 

We do wish Bobby Brown and Alicia Etheredge all the best as they welcome there second baby.     



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