Schwarzenegger Was More Than The Terminator On This Night

Schwarzenegger Was More Than The Terminator On This Night

Arnold Schwarzenegger was also involved in the CMT awards. He was involved by being a driver for several celebrities. His job was to drive these celebrities around the city all night. He also had to entertain them while they were in his vehicle. 

Schwarzenegger told the press he did not know if he was going to like this job because he is not used to driving people around; he is used to people driving him around. This was an attempt to promote a new driving service where people can drive other people around and a small fee; this is supposed to be cheaper than a taxi. 

The stars that Schwarzenegger drove around were very happy with their service. They said Arnold was very pleasant and that he had a lot to talk about during the entire ride. Arnold also felt like he was giving something back to the community by doing this. This made him feel great about himself, and this made him feel great about his future plans. He believes an act like this will follow him in a positive way for the rest of his life. 

There were also many other celebrities who chose to drive CMT participants around. These celebrities loved doing this. Overall, it was a wonderful success. People everywhere loved seeing this on the big screen. It showed harmony between the country music world, Hollywood, and everyone in between. This also made the celebrities fell good because they did something for a good cause at no cost. 


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