Kim Kardashian Talks To Kylie Jenner About Bullying

Kim Kardashian Talks To Kylie Jenner About Bullying

If you happen to be a fan of 17-year Kylie Jenner, then you would have noticed that she recently shared a very emotional video on Snapchat regarding bullying. In the video, the 17-year old, who is the girlfriend to rapper Tyga, 25, confessed that she had been bullied since she was 9 years old. In fact, the bullying was the reason as to why she never felt comfortable with her body and as a result decided to have some lip fillers. In the video she also reveals that she cries herself to sleep sometimes due to bulling so when her big sister Kim so it, she knew she had to have a sister chat with Kylie so as to address the bulling issue. 

According to various sources, Kim Kardashian has reached out to Kylie so as to help her in dealing with bullies. “Her big sister Kim her been very supportive and has even been acting as Kylie’s mom more than being a big sister” one of the sources said. “She is the only person in the Kardashian family who knows just how sensitive she is, in fact she knows that Kylie gets devastated and hurt every time she reads negative comments on the internet.”   

So what is Kim’s advice to small sister Kylie? Well, its very simple, just ignore the haters and never read comments that people leave. 

“Kim has advised Kylie to stop reading the comments that people leave over the internet. She has also asked her to avoid all the negativity online and only focus on the positive things,” the source added. 


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