George Clooney on Why It is Important to Age Gracefully

George Clooney on Why It is Important to Age Gracefully

Actor George Clooney has decided to age gracefully, without resorting to hair dye and plastic surgery. According to him, procedures aimed at giving a younger look do not work with men, and they look even older if they resort to it. He said that there is no point in trying to fight this natural process because dignity suffers in that case. 

Actors find it very hard to cope with aging, especially because their career is suffering. Older men usually get not so prominent roles and are less frequently called in for auditions, said Clooney. “I’m a big believer in the idea that you can’t try to look younger. You just have to look the best you can at the age you are,” he said. 

The actor was named the world's top “Man Aging Gracefully” last year among 40 other men who have no problem with getting older. 

Commenting on equal pay in Hollywood, Clooney said he was glad that the issue has finally been raised. “It was probably the only good thing that came out of the Sony hack - which I think was an abomination for the most part.” 

Hackers who revealed leaked emails from Sony executives shed light on what it was like to be a woman in Hollywood. There are numerous examples of female actors being paid less compared to their male co-stars. One of the most recent such examples is when actress Jennifer Lawrence received a lower pay than her male colleagues for the film American Hustle. 

Photo attribution: Georges Biard


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