Fight Pimples Effectively

Fight Pimples Effectively

The wish to possess clear and glowing skin is no longer a difficult task today. With the advancement of cosmetic technology and medicine, you can have smooth and clear skin. Pimples are a common phenomenon primarily among teenagers during the adolescence. However, if you tamper with a pimple, it is sure to give you a headache with being smeared all along the face, and often be painful too. Generally speaking pimples are small papules, skin lesions, pustules or skin inflammations on the face, back, chest or neck.

The first step towards fighting pimples is personal hygiene. In most cases, pimples are known to occur due to excess sebum secretion, bacterial infection, clogging of skin pores due to cosmetics or dead skin cells, unhealthy dietary and living style, less fluid intake, or even hereditary issues in certain cases. Following a cleanlier lifestyle and better personal hygiene is important. Cleaning the face at least least five times a day, even with clean water only is helpful. Wash your pillow cover and towels regularly to reduce chances of bacterial growth. It is always better to use non-comedogenic makeup and skin care products that do not clog the skin pores, letting the skin breath. Skin needs hydration and moisturizer. Use a skin moisturizer that is oil-free, lightweight, and water or gel-based to prevent the skin from being oily.
Exercise regularly, avoid junk foods and sleep well. These help in keeping the body metabolism sound and reduces chances of pimples. A simple way to fight pimples is to apply some orange juice on the affected area. You can also apply toothpaste or a paste of baking soda, but aloe vera is better. Even rubbing ice cubes on the pimple prevents its growth and soothes the ache.

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